Introduction to the book

Belfast Harbour has launched a new history spanning four centuries of the Port's development. Written by respected local author and journalist, Alf McCreary, 'Titanic Port' tells the tale of those who built the Harbour and how, in turn, they laid the foundations of Belfast's wealth and growth.

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Book reviews & comments

'Titanic Port' tracks the story of Belfast Harbour, from and insignificant 17th century landing place in a muddy inlet, into a modern, world-class seaport mirroring the development of Belfast and its people.

Len O'Hagan

Chairman - Belfast Harbour Commissioners


Titanic Port is a timeless story that relates the triumphs as well as the tragedies of the past: it remains a challenge and inspiration in the world of the 21st century.

The Belfast Harbour Board is proud of this unique publication; we believe that it is an important and timely addition to the significant story of the development of the Port and the City of Belfast.

Roy Adair

CEO - Belfast Harbour Commissioners